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Our Story

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John and I went to high school together but never dated. John was a senior and I was a freshman so our paths didn’t really cross much. Fast forward 10 years and you’ll find John and my dad in the same place at the same time. John asks my dad about me and my dad replies with “She’s living in Omaha, you should give her a call.” It was the one match-making effort my dad made that actually worked. John reached out on Facebook, we hung out on Halloween of 2010 and have been together ever since. We learned a lot about each other as all couples do. I learned of his love for farming and family & he learned of my love for family, my longing to live on a farm, and my paralysis due to a car accident in 2008.

We have built a life based on the family values we were raised with, and have begun to instill them in our two children as well. For as long as he can remember, farming has always been a dream for John. We believe there is no greater honor than to care for God’s creation. Some people call it work, but we call farming a dream come true. We believe that nothing in life is free, hard work and dedication pays off, love and respect each other, our land, and our animals, and you’ll go anywhere you want.


Knowing where our food comes from and what exactly is in it is one of the most important things for our family, and we believe it should be at the top of your list as well. That’s why we believe transparency is the best practice we can have. If we can’t pronounce it, should we be eating it? We are what we eat, and that includes the synthetics, hormones, and poisonous chemicals that are used every day on everything we touch and eat. We believe that as a society we need to become more aware of our surroundings in every way. We need to understand that in order for us to live, sacrifices must take place. We strive to raise our livestock in the most humane way possible while they are here on our farm. We utilize rotational grazing practices to help with weed pressure & fertilization as well as soil health. We do not use any synthetics and we are 100% GMO & Soy free. Our motto has become “Be the change you want to see.”

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