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Raw Milk Herdshare

Limited Openings Available!

How it works.

By purchasing a share you are essentially purchasing stock in our herd and becoming part owner of the herd (this is a one time purchase).  Much like purchasing stock in a company, you can look at the milk, cream and butter as your dividend.  One share will provide you with a "dividend" of 1 gallon per week.  Along with your share, you will also have access to the butter and cream that we will make periodically.  This butter and cream will be made with milk that is above and beyond the demand of the herd shares, meaning it will be processed from excess milk, not the milk that you will be receiving.  You will receive your share(s) of milk each week and this will be whole unseparated milk intact with cream and you can do whatever you want with it. 

One share is $75.00 and a half share will be $37.50.

This is a one time purchase.

What does it cost?

We charge $14 per week per (full) share and $7 per week per (half) share for boarding fees.  These fees are to be paid whether you pick up your milk or not. 

These boarding fees will be invoiced around the 15th of the month prior and are due by the 1st of that month.  If the boarding fees are not paid you will not receive milk until they are paid.  

Your Raw Milk Cows

Our cows are 100% grass fed and during the winter months they are fed an alfalfa/grass/clover hay mix that we grow right here on our farm.  No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals are ever allowed on our farm.  We also do not and will not use any vaccines, hormones or preventative antibiotics.  We treat our animals just as we treat our children.  We are not USDA Organic Certified and we do not ever plan to be.  We feel the government has enough control over our lives already and will not ask permission or seek approval to feed our family the way we see fit.

More Info?

Would you like more information or have questions?  Please click below to send us a message!  We are currently accepting new members, however our space is limited.  To guarantee a spot please be sure to act fast!  


We understand, now more than ever, it's nice to "know your farm/farmer" and we encourage farm visits! We will always have an open door policy as we feel customers are always the best "inspectors".  You are welcome to come out to the farm and see/inspect the animals, our practices and the feed they consume.  All we ask is you respect the privacy of our home and let us know that way we can make sure we are here to show you around.  

We are proud of our operation that we are continuing to build and do not want to keep it a secret. 

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